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What Is Green Garlic And How Is It Used?

What Is Green Garlic?

While it may seem rather ordinary, green garlic signals something very exciting: the beginning of spring. Why is that so wonderful? Food-wise, spring means the return of all sorts of ingredients that we’ve been denied all winter. Fruits and veggies abound, as everything from artichokes and asparagus to apricots and prunes start to show up. “By the end of winter, we’ve cooked so many root vegetables, and lots of cauliflower and squash,” Plated’s Chef Elana explains. “But when green garlic starts to ‘spring’ up, we know that the spring bounty is on its way!”

Green garlic is young, slightly milder garlic. Before garlic grows into separate cloves, it starts out as a green plant, with a stalk, leaves, and shoots—it actually looks a lot like scallions. And fittingly, these immature garlic bulbs and edible green stalks have an onion-like flavor that tastes great whether raw or cooked.

How Is It Used?

The best part? You can use green garlic with pretty much every ingredient spring has to offer. Wherever you’d typically use regular garlic, just swap in green garlic for a more subtle, richer flavor. It’s perfect for punching up appetizers and sides, like Fava Bean Dip with Goat Cheese and Garlic, or as a topping on something like this Sourdough Pizza with Green Garlic and Shaved Asparagus.

(Images: Angel Valley Farm, Wild Greens and Sardines)

Now is the best time to enjoy green garlic, since, as Chef Elana excitedly pointed out, its peak season is in early spring. Need a little hand-holding while testing this ingredient for the first time? Try our Shakshuka Green Garlic Pesto (on the menu now for delivery during the week of the 22nd), just days after the official start of spring!

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