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From SAVEUR’s Kitchen to Your Plated Box: You’ll Love this Gnocchi

One of our favorite things about cooking is the sense of place it inspires—we don’t have to hop on a plane to feel like we’ve traveled the globe. A bite of Manchego-Crusted Chicken transports us to Spain, Spinach and Feta Turnovers have us dreaming of Greece, and fresh fish and chips transform our table into an English pub. Through food, we can go somewhere we’ve never been, or return to an old favorite destination, bringing our dinner companions along for the ride.

So, when we signed on to partner with SAVEUR, we were thrilled—and our culinary wanderlust kicked into high gear. The magazine is renowned for its gastronomic expertise, as well as the care and attention to detail it puts into its recipes, making it a leader in the food and beverage publishing industry. What’s more, it makes a point to work with chefs all around the world to gather global culinary inspiration, enabling its readers to make authentic meals in their own kitchens.

When SAVEUR suggested this recipe, we immediately knew it would be perfect for Plated customers. Here’s a close look inside our Gnocchi in Herbed Tomato Sauce with Olives and Capers, shipping in boxes starting on March 18 (and available to order now!).

The inspiration

It’s hard not to fall in love with southern Italy, and SAVEUR’s recipe channels the region’s flavors so expertly that we were immediately hooked. Pillowy gnocchi serves as the base for an aromatic tomato sauce infused with bay leaf, red pepper flakes, and rosemary. These are three classic Italian seasonings, but from here, the regional influences become even more apparent. Capers are chopped and folded into the sauce, along with salty grated cheese and another southern Italian specialty: bright green Castelvetrano olives. The gnocchi is added while the sauce is still hot; then, it’s spooned into bowls and served with a drizzle of olive oil and an extra sprinkle of cheese.

Beyond the authentic flavors, we found something deeply comforting about this dish. Chopping the herbs, simmering the sauce, and tasting with each added ingredient, we felt ourselves slow down and savor each moment. Even after we finished cooking, that mindset continued as we gathered around the table. Settling into the steaming bowls of pasta felt extra special, and we envisioned ourselves recreating this dish for a holiday, date night, or simply a family dinner.

Putting it together

SAVEUR’s original recipe calls for making the gnocchi from scratch. It’s a fantastic technique for everyone to have in their back pocket, and simpler than you think: all it takes is boiled potatoes, flour, ricotta, salt, and eggs. We realized, though, that for Plated customers learning the technique for the first time, this might be a more time-consuming process. SAVEUR gave us their blessing for swapping in pre-made gnocchi so that we could focus our efforts on the sauce. This made the recipe more approachable for home cooks short on time—though if you’re looking for a weekend cooking project, we highly recommend trying your hand at the made-from-scratch version (hint: It makes a great date night activity!).

Beyond the gnocchi, not much had to change. We adored the briny element of the olives and capers so much that we added slightly more per serving, and we swapped the pecorino for a similarly salty, hard Italian cheese: Parmesan. The result? A taste of southern Italy brought to your table in roughly thirty minutes—no passport required. That gives you even more time to savor your meal with a glass of vino, and of course, some very special dinner companions.

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