4 Diner Favorites. Just in Time for Gilmore Girls.

Just like everyone else, we’re beyond excited for Gilmore Girls: A Day in the Life and will definitely be watching today as we lounge around in our stretchy pants after yesterday’s epic Thanksgiving meal—hey, we’re embracing it. In honor of the highly anticipated revival and of course, Luke’s Diner, here’s a round-up of our diner favorites, which we’re going cook up for our Netflix binge-sesh. While the classics are elevated with a Plated twist, we’ve made sure to include our favorite pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese (with fries, of course), and a delicious patty melt. Trust us, Luke would approve. Go ahead, make your favorite so that you’re all set to watch with us.

Luke’s Pancakes

In typical Lorelai and Rory fashion, you’ll most certainly want to serve these delicious pancakes with a mug (or five) of coffee. In case you missed it, our Head Chef dreamt up pancakes that are perfect for every season (or mood)—let’s just say that there’s pumpkin involved in the fall version. And if pumpkin isn’t your jam, we’ve included a few additional mouth-watering recipes. Think mixed berries, apricots, cherries, etc. (just not all together). Just add a dollop of freshed whipped cream and you’ll want to have a stack every day.

Eggs Without Frills

Ok, so maybe this egg dish is a little fancier than what Luke would allow. But, it’s an amazing take on an omelet, especially when you’re looking for a delicious savory meal. Perfect for fall and winter, this savory Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata and Biscuit duo includes cheese and herbs. Maybe Luke would come around after the diner smelled the way your home will after making it.

(Miss) Patty Melt

Is this a ridiculously good-looking grilled cheese sandwich or a mouth-watering hamburger? We’re pretty sure that Rory and Lorelai will debate this for about an hour while noshing over the sweet potato fries that come with it. Either way, we’re here to say that it’s a marriage of both. Meet the (Miss) Patty melt, perfectly named for you guessed it, Miss Patty herself. This grilled rye sandwich is part beef patty and part cheddar cheese. The gooey cheese will make your tastebuds dance. Sans tutu.

Sookie’s Grilled Cheese

Now that Rory has grown up, we think she’d be up for trying Grilled Cheese sandwiches that are a bit more sophisticated. While they would more likely be made by Sookie, let’s pretend that Luke wouldn’t roll his eyes and refuse to serve them at his diner. We’re pretty sure Rory would want this French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese, but mostly because there’s soup on the side to dip. And dip. And dip again.

Lorelai once famously said, “People don’t realize it, but it takes years of training to eat the way that we do.” With that, we’re going off to make all of these dishes…

Lorelai once famously said, “People don’t realize it, but it takes years of training to eat the way that we do.” With that, we’re going off to make all of these dishes…

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