5 Gifts to Secure Your Spot as the Ideal Guest

As the holiday season rolls in, there are all sorts of parties on the horizon: Halloween parties, holiday parties, New Years Eve parties, et al. Never ones to show up empty handed, we always like to up the ante on host and hostess gifts, no matter the occasion, with a food-oriented offering. So, when you’re next invited to a get together among friends or family, take a page out of our book with one of these crowd pleasing presents.

1. Bubbly with a twist

Around the holiday season (or any season, for that matter), there should never be a shortage of sparkling wine; be it prosecco, Champagne, or cava. Gift your friend a nice bottle of the stuff, with a set of wine tags for keeping champagne flutes straight! We love these ones.

2. Complement with condiments

In our many years of giving and receiving gifts, we’re always super thrilled to get a condiment to add to our ever-growing collection. If you’re going savory, select a few bottles of mustard, artisanal ketchup, or hot sauce, possibly paired with mustard spoons or other serving utensils. For sweet jarred delights, like jam, jelly, and other preserves, cheese and crackers make a great addition.

3. Cups of joe are a go

If your friend or friends are coffee drinkers, they’ll no doubt appreciate some accoutrements to go along with their morning jolt. Espresso cups and mugs are always a terrific gift, as you can never have too many. Add a bag of coffee beans and they’ll be beyond thrilled.

4. Dress up dressings

Fancy olive oil and vinegar make an excellent gift, because it’s not something one usually buys for oneself. Consider bringing flavorful olive oil and vinegar combination to your hosts, and reap the benefits when they serve crostini or salad! If you’re feeling very generous, go for this delightful dipping oil set.

5. Cocktails need napkins

To keep everyone appropriately imbibed and prevent crumbs and condensation rings on your tables, cocktail napkins are a must. But, instead of the usual paper, festive cloth ones make a lovely gift and they’ll put them to use immediately.


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