What Is Furikake and How Should You Use It?

Some ingredients keep popping up everywhere, from Plated offerings to restaurant menus to front and center on food Instagrams. We’re always trying to up the information ante, so we’ve given you the rundown on some of our go-to ingredients from za’atar to tahini to burrata. Here, we’re focusing on something we love to sprinkle over dishes at the end, a savory, crunchy seasoning that’s got a very addictive name: furikake! Hailing from Japan, a place that provides oh so many of our culinary inspirations, furikake is a combination of varied ingredients, often including dried seaweed, sesame seeds, and dried fish. It’s frequently used as a seasoning for rice, which we’ve embraced in our Salmon Poke Bowls with Avocado.

Furikake is used to season rice for balls known as onigiri, but it also makes a terrific addition to a bowl of popcorn or even some simply buttered noodles. It’s got a strong, very savory umami flavor and when it comes to sprinkling, less is often more. The ingredients are combined together in a blend and sold, with some versions using dried shiso leaf or wasabi to add a little kick. We’re freaks for furikake!

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