The Team Reveals Their Favorite Frankenstein Meals

As Plated employees, we’re fortunate enough to get many great perks, arguably the best of which being a weekly Plated subscription. Given the creativity in the office, it should come as no surprise that every so often people get creative with their Plated meals, making tweaks and substitutions depending on the amount of time they have to cook, as well as any added dietary considerations. In honor of Halloween, below you’ll find some of our top ways to create Plated Frankenstein meals at home.

1. Hold the Carbs

“It’s not super obvious, but to make the Roasted Carrots and Burrata with Bulgur and Blood Orange lower carb, I subbed out homemade cauliflower rice for the bulgur!”
— Clayton Perryman, Art Director

2. Order Vegetarian, BYO Meat

“For Franken-Plated, what I’ll do most often is order vegetarian meal, which are always pretty stretchable in terms of portion size, and supplement it with 1 or 2 store-bought chicken breasts for me and my husband. I’ll just bake those off and add them to a prepped meal, and we often can get at least one more serving each doing so (half chicken breast per serving).

Most recently, I did this for the Spaghetti Cauliflower Carbonara… baked 2 chicken breasts, got some extra spaghetti, Parmesan, and extra eggs, and got a total of 6 servings out of it!”
— Geoff Bridges, Senior Associate, Customer Experience

3. Pasta Can Take It to the Next Level

“In our recent recipe Sicilian Turkey Meatballs with Eggplant Ragù, I felt compelled to add pasta and it was amazing. I picked up some fresh spaghetti from Murray’s Cheese Shop and got that perfect chewy al dente I’m always aiming for.”
— Dana Baldini, Customer Experience Escalations Team

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

“As an easy breakfast/lunch option,  I love making paleo egg muffins with any produce I haven’t gotten to yet, like shallots, onions, red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, kale, etc. I chop and fry (shallots/onions first, spinach last). Mix the eggs incorporate and bake.

With any leftover tomatoes that are getting soft and are about to go bad, I fry some onion, then red pepper if I have some, chopped tomatoes and add a bit of water. Then I blend with an immersion blender. It is really good with Parmesan and even an egg if I’m really hungry and have nothing in the fridge.

Lastly, I love Chef’s Suz curry recipe with shrimp so much, I sometimes make a lot of curry broth and freeze it. Easy dinner to have if you have frozen shrimp around or veggies. Really nice with quinoa too.”
— Paulina Reyes, Creative Director


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