Forget Takeout. The Brilliant Dinner Hack You Can’t Miss!

Buying fresh ingredients anywhere other than the grocery store around the corner is intimidating. Specialty food markets are hard to navigate, and almost no one has the time trek to the local farmer’s market during the week. So how do you eat fresh and cook well without blocking off an entire evening? Plated created a new ready-to-cook dinner kit delivery service, which could be your answer.

Plated’s idea is amazingly simple: Each week, you go on the site and choose the recipes you’d like. On your selected delivery date, your box arrives with everything you need to prepare your meals. If one of the dishes calls for 2 wild-caught salmon fillets and 3 ounces of foraged mushrooms, you’ll get exactly that.

And since Plated takes care of the hassle of grocery shopping, all that’s left is the enjoyable 20 to 40 minutes it takes to make the dish, depending on its complexity. The options vary week-to-week so you’ll never get the same recipe twice, and now you know what’s in your meal—no additives or preservatives. And here’s the kicker: Many members end up saving money by cooking with Plated. Check out their site for more details.

UPDATE: Plated is extending a discount to The Dish readers. Click here to get the first 4 plates for free after $20 shipping and handling (just $5/plate).


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