If You Really Love Food, You Need These Ornaments

If you’re as food obsessed as we are, you tend to think about eating (and drinking wine) 90–100% of the time—and that, of course, extends to when decorating your Christmas tree. Luckily, in addition to the classic angels and orbs, a host of food-themed ornaments exist to choose from, including a streaky strip of bacon, a shiny croissant, and even a glittery sushi roll! But beware, they’re ONLY for decorative purposes.

Bacon Ornament

For the bacon enthusiast (really though, who isn’t?), we found this awesomely inspired ornament, which will keep you satiated even when you’re not sizzling strips on the stovetop.

Breakfast Ornament

It’s considered the most important meal of the day, and is most enticing served sunny-side up in a skillet. If breakfast is indeed that significant, it deserves an key place on the tree!

Pickle Ornament

Sour, salty, and crunchy, pickles are a much-loved sandwich accompaniment, though we’ve been known to eat them plain quite often. Celebrate your love for the tangy snack with this seasonal accent.

Donut Ornament

Whether you consider donuts breakfast or dessert, this pink, sprinkled number deserves a front and center spot on the tree. Ugh, now we want (need) to eat a donut.

Fortune Cookie Ornament

No Chinese dinner is complete without a fortune cookie, and we’ve decided no Christmas tree is either! Make sure younger tree-trimmers know, though, this one should not be cracked open…

Sushi Ornament

For all the sashimi and maki lovers out there, this sushi-inspired ornament will add a funky, chic twist to your collection.

Croissant Ornament


This buttery, French pastry adds a parfait Parisian note to your holiday collection. Watch it sparkle under the lights while you dig into a fluffy croissant not made of glass.

Hot Sauce Ornament

In honor of the spicy condiment devote, behold: the hot sauce ornament. If you or someone you know finds themselves dousing everything in Sriracha (or even carrying it in their bag, swag), you probably need to own this.



Leah Bhabha is a cookbook co-author, recipe tester, and food writer who has written for numerous publications including Food & Wine, Marie-Claire, The Guardian, and Food52. She is a recipe editor at Plated.

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