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Make a Bouquet Like a Pro

Creating a flower arrangement doesn’t need to be challenging or costly. Here are five tips that will help you create a bouquet worth documenting.

The bitterness of winter has finally subsided and the thaw of spring is here, with its promise of sun and warmth. As green chutes poke through the soil, we’re reminded of the spirit of renewal, not to mention the incredible flowers that signal the arrival of the season. Creating the perfect spring flower arrangement, whether for an event, gift, or simply the home, doesn’t have to be expensive or challenging. Here, 5 tips for embracing the springtime blooms, without overwhelming your wallet or time.

1. Live in the Moment
As the warmer months arrive, so do a host of springtime flower varietals such as fluffy Peonies, tulips, lilacs, and, of course, crowd-pleasing daffodils. Center your springtime arrangements around these varieties, as they are truly at their height during the season. Embrace other lesser known, but equally gorgeous blooms too, such as muscari, primrose, and spiraea.

2. Think Outside the Vase
Spring flower arrangements should capture the whimsy and excitement of the season. Ditch traditional vases for Mason jars, oversized pitchers, and antique watering cans filled to the brim with a bounty of fresh flowers. Not only does it make for a romantic, rustic visual, but the look is easy to achieve and embraces a mismatched vibe.

3. Spring into Color
Although the season is generally associated with pastel colored flowers, you needn’t feel obligated to abandon the brighter blooms that surround you. Light pinks and blues can pair beautifully with vibrant yellow, bright purple, and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, but stick to a maximum of four colors per arrangement to avoid sensory overload.

4. One Can Be the Loveliest Number
Building a bouquet around just one flower varietal can be extremely elegant, not to mention easy to arrange. Stay consistent with one variety, height or color throughout the space, as it may look like a hodgepodge otherwise. Bunches of, say, pink peonies or multi-colored tulips will be welcoming and stunning for a springtime celebration.

5. Team Green
Interspersing green plants in your bouquets adds a natural freshness to the overall look, and heightens the vibrancy of other colors. For a farm-to-vase idea that works particularly well in table arrangements, include fresh herbs in your arrangements—they’ll provide fragrance and beauty.


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