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Whether your kitchen is a confined one, where minimal space needs to create maximal results, or a large expansive playground for all your culinary dreams, it’s always a plus to have kitchen tools that can do it all. We’ve covered the wealth of possibilities with ice cream scoops, tongs, and baking sheets, but what about a tool that sounds uni-purpose but is very multipurpose? Presenting the fish spatula, a.k.a the only spatula you’ll ever need!

The spatula is a term that covers all manner of varieties, from silicone and stainless steel to long and short handled ones and beyond. But, thanks to its short handle and long flipper, the fish spatula is a supremely helpful tool in the kitchen, especially when trying to flip delicate pieces of fish. But, that’s not all it can do. Behold, some other uses for this terrific piece of equipment.


You know how when you envision pancakes being flipped its always with one of those flimsy, black, worn silicone spatulas? Well, you can forget about that because the thin-ness of the fish spatula makes it an excellent tool for getting under those delicate pancakes and perfectly flipping ’em. And, now that we’re talking about pancakes, what about fritters and latkes too?


Thanks to the flexible yet sturdy flippers, fish spatulas are great for flipping burgers, which can be on the heavier side

3. Brown Beef

Ground meat

Because of the thin offset edge, fish spatulas are also great for breaking up ground meat in a pan. You can simply just slice your way through the meat, press it down, and then move it around to ensure even cooking.

2. Roast Vegetables 2X

Slotted spoon(ing)

Because of the gaps in the flipper of the spatula, it’s also a helpful substitute for a slotted spoon if you’re in a pinch. The oil or other liquid will fall through the cracks.

Removing sticky vegetables

Thanks to the thinness and relative sharpness of the edge of the fish spatula, it’s very helpful in extracting sticky, hard-to-remove vegetables from baking sheets.

Transferring cookies

The process of transferring just-baked cookies from baking sheet to cooling rack can be a treacherous one, but luckily the extra long end of the fish spatula ensures that your freshly baked treats will stay on, and make their journey to cooling.

Smoothing the top

For smoothing the top of mashed potatoes or another similarly textured dish, the fish spatula’s offset end can be very helpful. If you’re looking for some texture, press down the central grooves.


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