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Your Cookout Needs These Feta Burgers

Why are we so pumped about our new dinner idea? Like Wimpy says, for a hamburger today, we’d gladly run to the store, deal with a hot grill, keep the kids distracted, and, oh right, clean up… tomorrow. What if we told you that you didn’t have to do any of that? Today or tomorrow? Sounds crazy, but keep listening.

Allow us to show you the burger that’s sure to launch a thousand delicious dinners: our Feta Burgers with Mixed Greens. They’re our Greek take on a Juicy Luicy—and one smartypants Chef in the kitchen called them Juicy Ledas. We like them so much, we’re inclined to call them Juicy Helens of Troy.

This Greek feast just takes a little bit of rolling (hamburger, herbs, and creamy feta), toasting (buns), spreading (harissa mayo), and stovetop grilling. Pretty simple, right? We timed it, and it only takes 30 minutes of prep, cooking, and cleanup. But even if time isn’t an issue, there’s a way to make it even easier—and fun for little guests. Have kids work on tearing up the herbs and feta, mixing up the flavored mayo, or even making the patties. Just make sure they wash their hands after.

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