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Feel the Heat: Our July Menu Is All About Those Summer Vibes

From lazy weekends at the beach to blazing hot coals for cooking all kinds of deliciousness, there’s no denying that we feel the heat this month. July is the heart of summer, and we wait all year for its dreamy steaminess and the fabulous produce. Now that you’ve had a little time to brush up on your grilling skills, we’re giving you a number of char-heavy recipes (all of which can be cooked on a grill pan or regular pan, too). From caramelized peaches and roasted peppers to tamale pie and peanut butter pie, our July menu has it all.

Speaking of produce, we couldn’t resist showcasing some of the season’s finest, showcased in recipes like garlic-herb steak with bold and bright summer ratatouille, and crisp tilapia with a veggie-forward gazpacho sauce drizzled over. Rigatoni alla Norma features eggplant, sweet cherry tomatoes, and basil—along with a healthy dollop of whipped ricotta on top. Our smoky grilled chicken is served with a bevy of veggies, including corn, bell pepper, and tomato, with a sweet and vibrant balsamic pesto vinaigrette. All. The. Summer. Produce.

As you know, we’re always ripe for experimentation in the Plated Test Kitchen, and we’re often recreating our favorite takeout recipes. Our Greek-inspired Spanakopita Grilled Cheese is back on the menu in all its gooey glory, and we’re introducing another cheesy European sandwich: the Italian Piadina, in which tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil are sandwiched between crisp pizza crust. Hot, cheesy carbs for the win. We’ve mastered the Bánh Mì sandwich, so we thought we’d try out another go-to Vietnamese dish: Pork Bún, featuring tender, caramelized pork over glass noodles with plenty of herbs, carrots, lettuce, and a peanut-hoisin sauce for dipping. Next, we’re taking you to India, with our super-simple, streamlined chicken samosa recipe, served with a cooling cucumber-yogurt salad on the side—no transcontinental flight necessary.

In honor of July 4th, we’re celebrating some of our much-loved domestic favorites, bringing strawberry shortcake and cherry pie together for cherry shortcakes topped with fluffy white chocolate mascarpone. We’re also taking a trip down south, with a saucy, savory Tamale Pie with Cornbread Crust and some Crispy Fish Po’boys served with a tangy rémoulade. When we think of the American summer, s’mores are essential, so we’re bringing back our chocolatey S’mores Pies: a sophisticated take on the classic, sans campfire.

Last but not least, summer is all about firing up that the grill, and our July menu embraces that to the fullest. From Coconut Curry-grilled Chicken to Grilled Fish Tacos to Japanese Steak Skewers known as Kushiyaki, to not one, but two kinds of grilled peaches (savory and sweet), we’ve got grilling recipes for days. Hope you love your grill as much as we do.


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