February’s Popular Recipes Will Make Winter Better

We’re thrilled to announce February’s Popular Recipes, which you can start enjoying on February 5th! If you’re new to the Popular game, these recipes are four top-rated dishes that have high customer ratings and reviews. They will be featured on the menu for all of February, in addition to the weekly rotating recipes.

Below is a sampling of customer reviews for this month’s Popular dishes, which include Seared Steak with Swiss Chard Gratin, Cuban Chicken Empanadas, Mediterranean Burgers with Harissa, and Moo Shu Chicken. If you haven’t already, we highly suggest adding them to your box before they’re gone again!

If you’d like for one of your favorite recipes to make a comeback, let us know by reviewing the recipe online or in the Plated app.

Seared Steak with Butternut Squash and Swiss Chard Gratin

“Another winner! Perfect proportions. I even had a little gratin leftover for tomorrow. I don’t know what I’d do without Plated!” – Danette

“This was amazing. The steak was good, but the gratin was swoon-worthy. Would be a fantastic side dish for Thanksgiving. I brought the leftovers to my neighbors and even though they’d already had dinner, they took a taste of the gratin, then sat down and had it for dessert.” – Pamela

“This was the best recipe I’ve had from Plated. The gratin was incredibly flavorful and enjoyable to make—I felt like I was actually making something a real cook would make. The quality of the food came out at restaurant level. Well done.” – Spencer

Cuban Chicken Empanadas with Lime Crema and Avocado

“This is a new favorite in our house! My husband and daughter ask for it all the time!” – Angela

“Probably one of the most fun recipes that I’ve made from Plated. Simple recipe, great flavor, and makes a great springboard for modifications.” – Brett

“This was so tasty that my children and I fought over who could eat the leftovers! My picky eater was a little nervous at first, but turned out to love it.” – Susan

Mediterranean Burgers with Harissa Aioli and Carrot Fries

“Wow. Bring this back. Did not imagine how much I would love this dish but every part of it was amazing and they all worked so well together.” – Amlys

“AMAZING! The carrot fries were addictive and the Harissa aioli was sublime alongside the pop of the pickles. I will most definitely get this one again if it resurfaces!” – Gillian

“Amazing hamburger! Loved, loved, loved it!!! I will never NOT get this. One of the best things I’ve had from Plated!!”  – Robert

Moo Shu Chicken with Pancakes

“So great! Great combination of flavors! This was like dinner candy. Psyched to know Moo Shu now!” – Daisy

“Hubby loved this recipe. Hopefully you’ll have it again! It was very tasty, just like takeout…but better :-)” – Chris

“This reminded me of the actual Chinese dish my mom used to make when I was little. I hadn’t had it in so long, the nostalgia was wonderful. I was so happy you found and shared this dish via Plated.” – Jamie


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