7 Memorable Culinary Lessons from Dad

This past Mother’s Day, we asked the Culinary team to share some of the top kitchen tips they learned from their moms, and the advice did not disappoint. While Mom may be known for classic pieces of advice like how to season food properly and the value of sharing meals with others, Dad tends to have a different bent on eating and cooking. For Father’s Day, we went back to our esteemed chefs asked them to think about all the weird, crazy, fun things their dads are known for in the kitchen. From honoring leftovers to making bread by playing catch with the dough, these tips, habits, and fun facts are, simply put: Quintessentially Dad.

“One of the greatest values my dad instilled in me is a love for any and all leftovers. Reheated or fridge-cold, plated separately or mixed all together, leftovers make budgeting easier, make desk lunch something to look forward to, and are quite possibly more delicious than the original meal. Thanks to Dad, I know last night’s meatballs and marinara are more exciting with a little leftover fried rice from our lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Also, never turn your nose up at cold pizza for breakfast.”  – Rachael Stuart, Senior Recipe Manager

“My dad always has to have a cup of coffee with something sweet. Whether it’s an afternoon snack or with dessert after a family dinner, he can’t have a piece of cake, cookie, or brownie without his beloved coffee. To this day, I can’t get enough of that very combo. Thanks pops!” – Michelle Kresch, Test Kitchen Manager

“My dad is a master bread baker, but he rarely uses a recipe, insisting always to do the bread by feel.’ One of my favorite things about his bread baking is, as a kid, it was a tradition to throw the dough around the kitchen before it baked. I’m convinced playing catch with your dough is the key to its deliciousness!” – Suz Dumaine, Culinary Operations Director

“My dad is a fan of combining flavors. Whether it’s mixing every type of soda from the fountain, or mixing a little bit of everything for one perfect bite, he knows how to make a great combo. He always used to joke that it all ends up in the same place anyway, and I guess I agree!” – Elana Karp, Culinary Co-Founder and Head Chef

“My dad always made sure of one thing: whenever you are barbecuing chicken, always cook it slow, and on super low heat. Ends up perfect every time!”
– Andrea Folkerts, Culinary Program Manager

“My dad eats cereal and fruit every morning. Instead of using the ripest freshest fruit, he cuts up the fruit in the house that is about to go bad and stirs it into his cereal. When the fruit is cut into small pieces and is mixed with a flavorful granola, any fruit will do! This way, we use up all of the fruit we have without wasting it. My dad always made sure we never threw away his beloved ‘cereal fruit’.” – Laura Katz, Test Kitchen Assistant

“My dad taught me everything I know about food, but especially cultivated my love of sandwiches. His sandwiches are simple but amazing: good quality bread, French Jambon de Paris ham, a few slices of cheddar or Comte, and English mustard. Nothing better.” – Leah Bhabha, Recipe Editor


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