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Serve It up Family Style for a Fun Take on Dinner at Home

There’s something cozy and comforting about dining family style. Maybe it’s the ease of fixing a plate tableside or the flow of conversation that works its way around the clatter of serving spoons and dishes. At Plated, we’re especially into the family style thing in winter, when sharing food with a loved one (or two, or three) can nourish the stomach and the soul, whether it’s a Sunday supper or a working weeknight. So, gather everyone around the table for one of these crave-worthy dishes that will have everyone fighting for the last bite.

Any pasta, really

Spaghetti, linguini, bucatini…the pasta choices are endless. No matter your favorite, this pantry staple makes the perfect base for your next family-style meal. Top it with crowd pleasing meatballs. Right now, we’re loving classics like this week’s return favorite Gnocchi Pomodoro and this modern twist, in the form of spaghetti with chicken and bell peppers.

Serve a stew

Picture a big platter of rice, quinoa or mashed potatoes blanketed with a combo of fresh ingredients simmered to perfection and we’re talking stew. If you’re craving something big on flavor with minimal pan pileup, try Plated’s Tomato Chickpea Stew. Or, check out this Moroccan number from our culinary top shelf.

Bring out the bowls

Noodle bowls, poke bowls, grain bowls…we’ve got you covered. We love the bowl concept—it’s easy to assemble and fun to serve up in an oversized dish. Live on the Plated menu right now, try this week’s slurp-worthy Sesame noodle bowl, a dish brimming with that addictive sweet/salty/spicy combo. On the other end of the spectrum, give Plated’s Salmon Poke Bowl a whirl, a meal whose sum is so much more than its parts.

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