All the Essential Kitchen Tools You Need to Cook a Plated Meal

Once you’ve selected your recipes, serving size, and delivery day for the week, there’s just a few more steps to take before becoming the pro chef you’re destined to be. Prior to your first box landing on your doorstep, you’ll need to ask yourself: Do I still have that chef’s knife I bought a while back?

There’s only a handful of items you need to cook a delicious Plated meal, and luckily they can all be found at any kitchen supply store. Whether you’re using them for slicing, dicing, sautéing, or roasting, these essential kitchen tools will ensure that you’ll be prepared for any recipe that comes your way.

Chef’s Knife

A solid, sharp chef’s knife is the key to success in food prep, conquering everything from dicing tomatoes for tabbouleh to mincing garlic and ginger for curry. If you’ve got kids at home, make sure you store your knives in a safe, out-of-reach spot.

Cutting Board

Once you’ve got your trusty knife, you’ll need a clean surface to get chopping. Having a sturdy cutting board ensures that you won’t damage your counters—and makes clean up much easier.

Medium Pot (6–8”)

When you’re cooking grains like quinoa, pasta, or rice, you need a trusty stovetop pot—often called a saucepan in kitchen supply stores. You can also use this versatile tool for making sauces and soups.

Large Pan (10–12”)

From sautéing garlic and onions to browning beef for those Korean Beef Burritos, a large pan does it all. Cast iron and non-stick pans will both get the job done. Make sure the pan you choose is ovenproof as well, as a few recipes may call for it.

Baking Sheet

A baking sheet comes in handy when your Plated recipe calls for roasting meat and vegetables alike. You know those crispy Parmesan potatoes? Can’t get that perfect texture without turning to your reliable baking sheet. You’ll want to look for a baking sheet with a slight rim around the edge—this will keep all the good flavors cooking together, while keeping the bottom of your oven clean!


Things get hot in the kitchen, and a good pair of tongs protect your hands throughout the course of your prep. You’ll use these for tossing pasta, flipping meat on your baking sheet, transferring fish from pan to plate, and much more.

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