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Engagement Gifts for the Couple That Loves Food

Engagements: fun-filled, exciting, and totally worthy of a great gift. But, unlike wedding presents (that often carry a hefty price tag and are usually already selected on a registry), engagement gifts present a more relaxed proposition. They’re not 100% necessary, but are a great opportunity to congratulate your betrothed buds in style. Our recommendations, obviously, are all about good food and good drinks. Whatever you choose, they’ll love it because you love it.

Monogrammed Champagne Flutes

Following an engagement, there’s a lot of champagne. You might even forget moments of the party due to champagne abundance (whoops). We love a stemless glass, and champagne flutes should be no exception. For even more personalization, get them monogrammed, and throw in a bottle of bubbly to get things going. These are super thoughtful and don’t pack a financial punch. Just a lot of champagne.

Restaurant Gift Card

In the hubbub of engagement celebrations and wedding planning, couples will definitely need a little one-on-one time. Send your buds a gift certificate to one of their favorite restaurants, or surprise them with one of yours! Call ahead and have a bottle of wine sent to their table. What couple (or, human) doesn’t like free dinner and free wine?

Infused Olive Oil and Vinegar

No matter what your friends’ preferred cuisine is, we’re pretty sure they’ll appreciate some lovely gourmet olive oil and vinegar. Mix and match different infusions (or even make your own) and they’ll think of you every time they whip up salad dressing or, more likely, avocado toast.

A Great Bottle of Booze

Are your friends scotch drinkers? Tequila enthusiasts? Gin lovers? While they’ll probably be sipping lots of bubbly in celebration (see above champagne flutes), gifting them a quality bottle of nice liquor will be much appreciated. If you’re feeling extra generous, throw in some fun ice cube trays like these, which just happen to be diamond shaped.


The best part of gifting is being able to buy people things that they would never purchase for themselves, but will love nonetheless. No matter how much your friends love guacamole (which, quite frankly, should be a lot), they probably haven’t purchased a molcajete: a stone mortar and pestle for whipping up guac. Send them this one, as they’ll probably need to soak up all that celebratory champagne with some tortilla chips.

Pizza Stone

Your hot cheesy carbs deserve their own cooking tool. They just do. Everyone on earth loves pizza (because pizza is life), so get a little fancy with it and buy the lovely couple a beautiful new pizza stone to make all the pizzas they could ever want, ’til death by pizza do them part.


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