Introducing: Dogs-Only Gourmet School

How it works:

1. Enroll your dog. Our 8-week intensive training classes start May 6th in our NYC office. Space is limited, so apply now! (Prices available upon request.)

2. Receive a pet-degree to display and to add to your Plated account. This Pet-Degree will give you access to our Pet-Friendly dishes.

3. Order Pet-Friendly dishes as often as you’d like. Ingredients will be chopped, minced, julienned and portioned out for your furry chef. Your box will also include recipe cards that have been translated into Dogspeak.

What They’ll Learn:

Weeks 1 – 2 Getting in the box
We start with the boring (but probably the most important) tutorial. For any other dog, this would be a deal-breaker—but with our help, they’ll learn to use their own teeth and four paws to pop that sucker open.

Weeks 2 – 3 Sniffing, Identifying and Resist Nibbling
Next up, they’ll learn how to identify ingredients by sniffing and creating a mental log of all the Plated ingredients and what they’re used for. We’ll also train them how to cook while resisting the occasional nibble.

Weeks 4 – 6 Reading and Cooking
Taking all their knowledge from weeks 2-3, they’ll dig deep into our Plated roster of Pet-Friendly recipes like Chicken Marsala, Gnocchi Pomodoro and, well, all the Pizzas—because making Pizza just comes natural to most dogs.

Weeks 7 – 8 Mostly Napping
First comes work, then comes play! The dogs get a full two weeks to do whatever they want, whether it’s cooking or hanging out…but usually it’s a lot of napping. Cooking’s tiring when you don’t have opposable thumbs!

At the end of the program, they’ll run around at a graduation ceremony where they’ll receive our most-coveted, esteemed Plated Pet-Degree.

What our graduates have to say…

“I got tired of hearing ‘you’re a wiener’. Now that I’ve got my degree, all I hear is ‘you’re a winner!’”

“This was so much more fun—and way more delicious—than obedience training.”

“Love that companies like Plated support the education of dogs—they really threw us a bone here.”


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