December’s Popular Recipes Will Make You Quite Happy

We’re thrilled to announce December’s Popular Recipes, which you can start enjoying as early as Sunday. Trust us—we’re as excited as you are. If you’re new to the Popular game, these recipes are four top-rated dishes that have high customer ratings and reviews. As a result, they will be featured on the menu for the next four weeks, in addition to the other rotating recipes (11 in total!).

Below is a sampling of customer reviews for this month’s Popular dishes, which include Grilled Steak with Corn, Black Bean Burritos, Caprese Salad with Spinach and Salmon Burgers with Aioli. If you haven’t already, we highly suggest adding them to your box before they’re gone again!

If you’d like for one of your favorite recipes to make a comeback, let us know by reviewing the recipe online or in the Plated app.

Seared Steak with Italian Street Corn and Basil Pistou

“Tasty and interesting! Easy to make. Both my husband and I loved these recipes. The Italian Street Corn was like nothing we have ever tasted. We fought over the last bite. The Basil Pistou was perfect on the grilled steak.” – Barbara

“Corn is to die for and the steak was extremely tender and flavorful. Very quick and easy dinner.” – Shelly

“This really deserved 10 stars. By far the best Plated meal we’ve had. All of the recipes are very good and quick/easy to make, but this was exceptional. The steak was a beautiful quality. The vinegar sauce was addictive. The corn was so good, I think I freaked out a little. Great work!” – Jacqueline

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Do you have a favorite recipe that should make a comeback? Let us know by reviewing the recipe online or in the Plated app. 

Cheesy Black Bean Burritos with Pico de Gallo and Guacamole

“So simple, so good. Even won my husband over, who is usually a skeptic when it comes to meat-free meal.” – Christina

“Seriously, every burrito recipe is amazing! We live in CA where there are lots of places to get burritos, and yours are the best.” – Alyson

“This meal was quick and easy to put together, but more importantly was so delicious. The fresh pico de gallo and guac really stepped it up.” – Kimberly

If you’re a big fan of burritos, add this dish to an upcoming order today!

Caprese Chicken over Warm Spinach Salad

“This was an incredible meal. The crunchy chicken with the caprese underneath gave this meal a perfect balance of flavor and texture.” – Jason

“This was absolutely perfect! As a first time Plated chef I thoroughly enjoyed all the fresh ingredients and ease of preparation. Yummy!” – Louise

“This was so easy and so good. My picky eaters loved it.” – Amy

“This maybe one of the best yet! I have a ton of favorites but this is up there! The chicken was very moist and crispy. Never used to like spinach but have converted since Plated.” – Elizabeth

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Salmon Burgers with Chive Aioli and Mâche

“Loved this. My son said he was going to remember this for when he’s older and has to cook for a girl he wants to impress.” – Tracy

“If any meal deserves 5 stars, it is the salmon burgers with chive aioli. I continue to remake this time and time again.” – Melinda

“This was delicious and a great start for our first Plated dinner… my steak and potatoes husband said this was outstanding.” – Abigail

If you love burgers and want to try something new, add it to your box today!

Do you have a favorite recipe that should make a comeback? Let us know by reviewing the recipe online or in the Plated app

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