From the Pros: How to Cut 6 Fruits and Veggies

Have you ever gotten home from the grocery store or pulled up a list of ingredients and thought “How in the world do I cut ____?” Well, you’re certainly not alone. Chef Shanna broke down (culinary pun intended) six common fruits and vegetables, and the most classic ways to chop them. Get your knives ready, chef!


Onions get a classic dice in a few easy steps.

1. Cut off both ends
2. Remove the onion peel
3. Halve onion through the root and place cut side down
4. Slice horizontally, working upwards and leaving end intact
5. Slice vertically, working side to side and cutting straight through
6. Chop perpendicularly to vertical slices into a dice

Bell peppers

A classic cut for our favorite snacking veggie.

1. Cut in half
2. Remove pith
3. Cut off top
4. Slice into vertical strips
5. You can either leave the pepper in strips here or dice into small squares

Fennel Bulb

We like to thinly slice fennel for versatility in recipes like a braised chicken or citrus kale salad.

1. Halve fennel bulb
2. Cut core out in a wedge shape and discard.
3. Slice fennel as thinly as possible.


Jalapeño’s heat makes them the perfect way to spice up a Mexican-inspired dish. Remember, when slicing spicy chiles, avoid touching the inside, and wash your knife, cutting board, and hands afterward.

1. Halve jalapeño lengthwise
2. Using a knife tip, discard seeds and pith
3. Mince


Get fancy by using this supreme method when breaking down citrus for desserts or salads.

1. Cut off top and bottom of orange so it sits flat
2. Slice off peel and rind, following the curve of the fruit
3. Remove pith
4. Carefully cut between membranes to release segments


Don’t let cutting a pineapple intimidate you—it takes just five steps!

1. Cut off top and bottom and stand on cutting board
3. Cut skin off vertically from top to bottom, being sure to remove any eyes
4. Slice vertical strips around the core
5. Cut strips into cubes or dice, as desired

Story contributed by Plated Recipe Developer Shanna Cooper.

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