What Plated’s Culinary Team Brings To The Big Game

Wings, chili, and sliders, oh my! The Big Game is just days away and if you’re like us, you probably haven’t decided what to bring to the party. With so many favorites, it can be hard to choose. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our Culinary Teams’ go-to football eats.

“I’m always thinking about the veggie tray, a simple salad, or even a bag of grapes. People really appreciate the fresh and crunchy balance to the traditional rich dips, wings, subs, and fried things.”
-Rachael, Manager, Recipe Editing

“I love bringing a cheesy dip to a party. Pimiento cheese and beer cheese are great go-tos, but if I want to bring something gooey and warm I let my inner Midwesterner shine with a hot dip of blue cheese, sweet corn, and Sriracha. Great with wings, fresh bread, or celery. It’s not very pretty, but looks aren’t everything!”
-Sara, Recipe Editor

“If I’m bringing, there’s nothing like a nice 3-foot (minimum) hero to warm a host’s heart. You can make it all one style or switch it up every few feet for variety. Obviously Italian cold cuts come to mind, but roast beef, chicken parm, pastrami, or reuben-style work, too. You can customize the hero to the crowds liking. It’s an easy way to impress and feed the masses, and an added plus that it can be eaten with your hands.”
-Giuseppe, Recipe Developer

“Last year I smoked and roasted a whole ham that was scored and glazed with maple syrup and bourbon. I served it on a cutting board with some mini potato buns, cornichons, and a few types of spicy brown mustard, so people could carve and make their own sandwiches. And while we’re on the pig theme, nobody is ever mad about pigs in a blanket!”
-Shanna, Recipe Developer

“I’m all about finger foods for the Big Game. Two that I’ve had so much fun making and eating are loaded nachos and crispy potato skins. Both are great for transporting to a friend’s party because you can pack up all the components separately and then assemble when it’s time to eat. No mushy chips or taters here!”
-Elana, Head Chef and Culinary Co-Founder

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