Creative Ways That Plated Customers Can Celebrate Earth Day ​

Reuse, reduce, recycle: a phrase you’ve probably heard many times before. These three words lay the groundwork for everyday environmental support, but on Earth Day, it’s taken a little further.

Beyond our day-to-day efforts of reducing food waste by sending fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, this Earth Day, we wanted to highlight some of the creative ways our customers reuse items including materials from their boxes. And, since we’re all about cooking, we’re excited to serve up a few food recycling tips that’ll sprout new life and flavor.

We may be biased, but Plated customers are recycling ninjas. Here are just a few of our favorite ways people have reused their Plated materials:

Insulation: A Bed for Your Pet

Here, the denim insulation liner, which is included in some of our boxes, becomes an ideal resting place. Cat naps have never been easier.

Ice Is Nice

Heatwaves call for as much chill as possible. Why not reuse the gel packs that you’ve collected to cool down your place? After they save the day, you can just pop them back in the freezer for future use.

Get Crafty

We’re beyond impressed with this ottoman, which a Plated customer made (in under an hour!) by reusing insulation. Knowing how thick the recycled insulation is, it’s likely both crafty *and* comfortable.
ED NOTE: Working to get approval for inclusion via #platedrocks

A Cat’s Dream Home

It turns out that cats love our recyclable boxes, too. We hope that your furry friends continue to have their moment of glory while declaring residence in their Plated box.

Recycling Tips

If you’ve ever wondered how food scraps can be repurposed, the list is long. Besides the compost bin, we’re sharing a few other tips that’ll help you celebrate Earth Day today and in the future.

Bone Broth

Not only is it trendy—it’s also easy to make. Instead of throwing away the bones from tonight’s chicken or beef dinner, find a recipe that speaks to you and make some broth that you can enjoy throughout the week.

Coffee Grounds

Those used coffee grounds? They’re good for more than your morning caffeine dose. In fact, coffee grounds are garden heroes, helping to fertilize soil and detract pests. Or, you can use them in the kitchen to loosen up any stubborn, stuck-on food from dishes. If that isn’t your thing, we suggest adding them to a compost bin.

Dill Pickles

After devouring that last pickle, think twice before pouring the salty brine down the drain. Pickle juice can liven up dishes if you add a splash or two, and can even be used as a vinegar substitute and marinade (or to make a mean martini).

Carrot Stems

Carrots make a great side dish, but there’s more to them than you realize. Instead of throwing out the leafy stems, wash them and use them as the star of a pesto for another meal!


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