Your Guide to the Most Convenient Subscription Service

From beauty boxes to shaving kits, subscriptions services abound, but some are sounder investments than others.

Lately it seems like everywhere you look, there’s a new subscription service popping up. From beauty boxes to shaving kits, subscriptions abound, but some are sounder investments than others. Amid this kit-heavy climate, there’s a clear frontrunner in the subscription race: meal kits. After all, we have to eat, right? Consider the following and find a meal kit that fits your life, your wallet, and your tastes.

1. You Need Food

Everyone eats—and everyone should eat well. Unlike subscriptions that cater to a niche interest or consumer, meal kits are designed for everyone (who loves to eat). They’re an ideal solution to a tight schedule and an easy way to try new cuisines and experiment with exotic ingredients. And the best ones cater to a range of dietary preferences, so vegetarians and carnivores alike can get their fill.

2. Cooking Is a Skill (and Anyone Can Learn!)

Meal kits don’t just send fresh ingredients—they also deliver recipes. Premium options like Plated prioritize innovative, globally inspired dishes, and offer tips and techniques you can use again and again. Designed for chefs of all levels, step-by-step recipe cards make challenging dishes easier and more accessible. Before you know it, you’ll be cooking curries and preparing chicken paillard like a pro. These services teach lifelong skills and a love of cooking that extends far beyond the confines of a subscription (talk about thinking outside the box).

Nine chef-designed recipes let you try something new each week.
For more delicious recipes, sign up for Plated, and get $30 off your first delivery.

3. Schedules Change

One of the advantages of a subscription service is that you can count on your goods being delivered as scheduled. However, life doesn’t always adhere to what we have planned. Here, Plated stands apart. The subscription delivers all you need for dinner each week, but you can skip weeks without penalty when you don’t have time to cook. Plated is truly designed with you—and your schedule—in mind. Their mission is to help you fit dinner into your life, not bombard you with food that will go unused in your fridge. (Which is why each Plated box comes with perfectly pre-portioned ingredients.)

Cook exciting dinners without the stress of the grocery store.
For more delicious recipes, sign up for Plated, and get $30 off your first delivery.

4. Choice Matters

When you’re paying a recurring fee for a subscription service, you should have some say in what you’re getting, right? Herein lies the drawback of many services: they send products with little regard for personal preference. By contrast, with Plated, you can curate a truly custom box. There are 9 recipe options each week, designed to satisfy vegetarians, carnivores, and fish aficionados alike. Plus you can add more dinners and desserts when you’re craving a little something extra.

5. Cooking Is a Creative Outlet

Plated sends all you need for dinner, but it also delivers the opportunity to slow down and take time for yourself. Recipe cards and ingredients become a blueprint for a meditative, creative experience in the kitchen. And the best part? You don’t have to wait to enjoy the fruits of your labor—some recipes take as little as thirty minutes.

Take your dinners to the next level.

For more delicious recipes, sign up for Plated, and get $30 off your first delivery.

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