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How to Build Your Own Lettuce Cups

In our extensive research (read: snacking), we’ve realized just how much we love a simple preparation: the humble lettuce cup (or, wrap). The ease and satisfaction of ripping off the lettuce leaves is undeniable, as is the endless versatility. From vegetarian lettuce cups to those filled with Asian-inspired beef or crispy fish, the opportunity for innovation knows no bounds. Really, you can put almost anything in a lettuce cup. So, instead of keeping our much-loved recipes under wraps (you love it), we’re sharing some of our absolute favorites riiight here.

Crispy Fish Lettuce Cups

Who can resist a crispy fish taco? No one. So, we’re swapping in lettuce for tortillas and adding rice-flour crusted tilapia and sliced avocado. A sweet corn salad and lime crema provide even more texture and beach-worthy flavor to this sensational meal. You’ll want to keep this crispy fish recipe in your back pocket.

Thai Beef Lettuce Cups

We love flavoring rice with fresh herbs just about as much as we enjoy riffing on a classic. In these Southeast Asian-inspired wraps, chopped basil is stirred into steamy jasmine rice to release a truly mouthwatering aroma. Topped with saucy beef, water chestnuts, and peanuts, the basil rice soaks up every last drop of flavor for a hands-on dinner experience you won’t soon forget. For tips on how to stock your Pan-Asian pantry, check this out.

Sweet Potato Lettuce Cups with Coconut Cashew Rice

Fragrant coconut rice is topped with soy-roasted sweet potatoes and mushrooms in these swoon-worthy lettuce cups. We’re spicing up the veggies up with gochujang, a Korean red chile paste, which adds heat and saltiness to the dish. Finished with a bright scallion vinaigrette, this magnificent meat-less meal is one to file away for when you just feel like going veggie for a day.

Caesar Steak Lettuce Cups

A drizzle of homemade Caesar dressing adds even more flavor to these steak lettuce wraps. Lemony potatoes make for a very substantial dinner that will be a total crowdpleaser.


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