The Boozy Milkshakes You Need in Your Life Right Now

There’s no denying that over-the-top milkshakes are trendy, and they’re not going anywhere soon. Being covered in candy, doused in hot fudge, and even covered with donuts and cake… why would we want them to? While we love this popular treat, we’re taking it in another direction: Spiked. Adding a little liquor to a milkshake cuts through some of the richness, while providing that extra little somethin’. Our favorite boozy milkshake combinations are basically proven to ease the transition from winter to spring.

Banana Rum Milkshake

For a tropical excursion, this banana rum version will inspire beach vibes. There’s not one, but three textural toppings, in the form of hot fudge, banana chips, and fluffy whipped cream. Poolside umbrella optional.

2 large frozen bananas
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream
2 oz dark rum
Whipped cream, for garnish
Drizzle of hot fudge, for garnish
Banana chips, for garnish

Chocolate Kahlua Milkshake

Adding a splash of coffee-flavored Kahlua gives this chocolate vanilla milkshake even more depth. To really drive the vanilla/chocolate combo home, add some Oreo cookies on top, of course!

1 1/3 cups chocolate ice cream
2/3 cups vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup milk
1-2 ounces Kahlua
Whipped cream, for garnish
2 Oreos, for garnish
Maraschino cherries, for garnish

Mango Tequila Milkshake

For a slightly lighter option, combine mango sorbet, plain yogurt, and vanilla ice cream with a little tequila and whirl it all together. Add some chunks of frozen or fresh mango on top alongside fresh mint leaves, and you’ve got a fantastically fruity dessert that’s got a real kick.

1 ⅓ cup mango sorbet
1/3 cup vanilla ice cream
1/3 cup yogurt
1-2 ounces tequila
Mango chunks, for garnish
Mint leaves, for garnish

Salted Caramel Bourbon Milkshake

We can never get enough salted caramel, and a milkshake is no exception. To break up the serious sweetness of the ice cream, we’re adding a little bourbon to the mix. Garnish with flaky sea salt, crunchy candied peanuts, caramel, and whipped cream for a totally over-the-top treat.

1 cup salted caramel ice cream
1/3 cup whole milk
2 ounces bourbon
Caramel squares, for garnish
Whipped cream, for garnish
Candied peanuts, for garnish
Sprinkling of flaky sea salt, for garnish


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