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Beyonce Acts Out How You Feel When Making Yourself a Fabulous Dinner

There are two things we love more than basically anything: food and Beyonce.

And every time we feel like throwing in the towel and just ordering delivery, but instead make something with our own two hands, we feel as fabulous as Queen Bey must feel when she’s telling someone to put everything they own in a box to the left.

That’s why we’re going to let Mrs. Carter take it from here.

It happens every day: Dinnertime approaches, and you’re hungry.

If you like it, then you should’ve put an onion ring on it.

You absolutely cannot do takeout again.

Nah, B.

So you do the smart thing: You make a home-cooked meal for yourself.

And if you’re using Plated, you’ve already got the ingredients and “how to” steps waiting for you at home.

Oh, hayy.

And then it comes out like this…

And you’re all…

Fierce like Sasha, you make it look easy.


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