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This Is The Best Way To Cut Cherry Tomatoes

Let’s say you have to make a large salad for a group, or a veggie-filled pasta for yourself, or some other recipe that calls for plenty of halved cherry tomatoes—it probably happens more often that you’d think. Keeping those round little guys steady on the counter and cutting them one by one is a daunting task, prone to uneven results and nicked hands. But don’t hack at your fingertips—hack your food, with this incredibly quick and easy trick for cutting cherry tomatoes.

Here’s all you need:
Cherry tomatoes (enough to fit on one plate)
2 plates, one a bit larger than the others
Long, serrated kitchen knife, like a bread knife or cake slicer

1. Place tomatoes on the larger plate. Try to fill up the plate without overcrowding it.

2. Place the smaller plate upside down over the tomatoes.

3. Keep the top plate steady with one hand and, with your other hand, slice the tomatoes between the plates with the serrated knife.

See how simple it is by watching our video below. And subscribe to our YouTube channel for more hacks, tips, and recipes!


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