Your Guide to the Best Summer Beers

We’ve given you grilling tips and BBQ ideas, party hosting how to’s and cocktails, and all the ice cream recipes you could ever need. Still, something’s missing. What makes all of these summer things the highest amount of fun, besides the weather and great company? Light, summery beers to keep us cool (and maybe a little buzzed) as the sun beats down. Whether sitting poolside or on a cozy patch of grass in the park, we’ve got you covered with our favorite summer beers, so you can arrive prepared to your next outing.

Pale Lagers

Super easy and light, pale lagers are an easy choice for any hot day. Whether you’re at the beach or sipping a cold one at the end of a work day, this crisp, dry beer is the ultimate refresher. Pale lagers have a pretty even flavor, and are generally not hoppy (i.e. bitter), allowing them to pair well with pretty much any type of food. But you can’t go wrong with tacos.

Summer Ales

If the name of this beer isn’t clear…this is an essential summer choice. People wait all season to get their hands on said ales, because it’s summer and we deserve it! While everyone has their go-to brew, summer ales are often wheat based, medium-bodied, and carry fruity notes. While they hold their own sans snacks, they pair very well with BBQ everything.

Belgian Witbier

For a light, fluffy, and citrusy wheat brew, look no further than a Belgian witbier. Always summer-fresh (especially on draft), the sometimes-lemony, sometimes-orangey finish does the trick on the hottest of days. We love pairing Belgian witbier with spicier dishes, thanks to the citrus which cuts the heat.

Session IPA

If you love a hoppy IPA, but want something slightly lighter for summer, meet the session IPA. With similar flavor profiles, session IPAs have less alcohol content: Perfect for when you want to pace yourself, or sample a few from the cooler, without getting too wild. Session IPAs pair well with (more) tacos and of course, lobster.

Now that we’ve shared some of our reccos, here’s one last gem: a summer shandy recipe that’ll keep you cool and make you feel somewhat sophisticated. For shandy newbies, just think beer mixed with lemonade, ginger ale, or ginger beer. All good things, in one glass.


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