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We Tested It: These Are the Best Game Day Dips (And Chips)

Game Day is fast approaching, and while we can always use a solid recipe for wings and probably a few hosting tips, the snack spread on its own is highly anticipated. And by snack spread, we don’t mean the crudité, these Plated sliders, or a Plated mac and cheese, however delicious. Right now, we’re particularly obsessed with the chips and dip portion of the event.

As far as game day dips and chips go, some stand by the more classic tortilla + guac combo, while some go carrot + hummus. With so many options out there—for both chips and dips—we went to the Plated culinary team for their expert opinions. We asked them to run a taste test to discover the ultimate chip and dip pairing, and the results are in:

Pita + spinach artichoke

Starting off on a high note, pita was the favored chip if you want to try all the dips. Per Recipe Editor Leah Bhabha, “Pita chips work with basically everything. Since they are generally thicker and have a bit of salt, they meld with a variety of flavors.” If she had to choose, though, she’d go spinach artichoke dip. The neutral, crunchy chip is a perfect compliment to the creamy, salty dip.

Tortilla + French onion

Typically served up with guac or salsa, our culinary team had more than a few hot takes on the perfect dip for the ubiquitous tortilla. Rachael Stuart, Plated’s Manager of Recipe Editing, went straight for the French onion and highly recommends it for its “ranch Dorito vibes.” Nothing bad about that. Another surprising success? Recipe Editor Hannah Klinger stands buy the tortilla + hummus pairing—the level of saltiness is just right.

Pretzels + queso

For the ideal salty-sweet pairing, Recipe Editors Sara Heegaard and Hannah Klinger are all about the pretzel queso connection. The light crunch and mild flavor of the pretzel is a great conduit for the intensity and decadence of any queso. (If you’re not a queso fan—for whatever reason—Recipe Developer Taylor recommends dipping pretzels in hummus for a lovely, lighter treat)

Plantain chips + salsa + guac

The absolute favorite per the Plated culinary team? Plantain chips. For a new flavor combo, Chef Giuseppe recommends pairing them with typical chicken wing favorite, blue cheese dip. The hefty, fairly neutral plantain chip is delicious with thick, punchy blue cheese. Test Kitchen Assistant Liz went straight for the salsa for that sweet-spicy combo, and said the pairing gave some serious “tropical vibes,” and no one disagreed. Last but not least, and maybe the most obvious pairing, is guac. Every Game Day needs a solid guac—put out those plantain chips alongside it! It’ll be the chip and dip hit of the night.

Ridges + blue cheese

Per Taylor, ridges are the perfect chip for a thicker dip like blue cheese that needs something strong to hold everything together. The ridges themselves catch all the good stuff, while resisting the tendency to break apart like your typical tortilla chip. If blue cheese works so well, you can assume that all the other queso-reminiscent options will work, too—everything from french onion to ranch to artichoke dip will do the cheesy trick.

Lastly, though we did not include a potato chip option here, better safe than sorry to buy a bag or two. Game Day wouldn’t quite be complete without them. Also, for your more health-conscious friends, a platter of crudité can’t hurt.

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