Beat the Heat with these Easy Weeknight Dinners

With temperatures here on the East Coast reaching triple digits a bit early this summer, it’s time we share some valuable advice on how to cook smart in this heat. The truth is that you don’t always need heat to make an outstanding meal. These simple tips and recipes will get dinner on the table without making you break a sweat.

Cut Down on the Cooking

It’s the cooking process that brings you and your kitchen to the point of overheating, so in the hot weather it’s good to explore your non-cooking options. We recommend transforming proteins like shrimp and fish into a refreshing summer ceviche. With any ceviche, the acidity from either lime or lemon juice does the cooking for you, no stovetop or oven needed. To round out the meal, we suggest these sides from Barefoot Contessa and Martha Stewart:

While salads are totally delicious, we understand sometimes you’re craving something a little heartier than just veggies. If that’s the case and you do feel compelled to do a little bit of cooking, we think foods that require less than 30 minutes of cook time are the best way to go. Whole-grain salads or seared proteins like salmon and flank steak work best. Here are some recipes we love:

Take the Cooking Outside

Another great way to keep from heating your entire house is to prepare your meal outside!. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a grill, crank up the coals and seek refuge inside while everything cooks.

– Jared Levan


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