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The Best Beach Snacks That Won’t Melt in Your Bag

You probably already have all your gear ready to bring to the beach (chairs, your foodie floats, umbrellas, games). The cooler, however, often gets left behind (if you even own one!). We get it. That’s where this roundup of Plated’s most delicious, unmeltable (basically) beach snacks comes in. Throw one, two, or all of these filling, tasty treats in your bag before you head to the beach, and your hunger cravings will be satisfied all day long. Also, you’ll be less likely to spend money on not-so-great chicken fingers.

You may still want to bring one cooler…you know, for your favorite summer beer. Just a suggestion!

Nuts and such

Making a big batch of spiced nuts is a great move before hitting the beach. Though they may be small in size, nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts pack a big punch in terms of flavor and heartiness.

The best part about making your own spiced nuts is that you can control the flavor profile. Looking for a sweet treat? Coat your nuts with cocoa powder and cinnamon. Having a craving for something tangy? Nothing a little sea salt and vinegar can’t cure. Plus, they taste good at any temperature, so they can stay buried in your beach bag until you need them.


While granola is delicious when mixed into yogurt or sprinkled over ice cream, we also love to eat it straight out of the bag as an easy, tasty midday snack. It’s like snacking on mixed nuts, but with a little extra pizzazz. If you’re new to granola making (and are feeling the idea of nutty beach snacks) this nut-centric granola recipe is a great place to start (and end) your recipe search.

And if you’re not into the grab-granola-from-the-bag method, there’s always…

Granola…. bars

Granola bars are just as easy to make and customize as regular old granola…but they have the added bonus of being super portable, too! This customizable granola bar recipe can be made sweet, savory, nutty, or fruity, depending on your and your fellow beachgoers’ tastes!

Veggie chips

Sure, you could bring regular potato or tortilla chips to the beach, but where’s the fun in that? Homemade veggie chips made from sweet potatoes, beets, plantains, and even zucchini are a tasty way to get your veggie fix while soaking up the sun. They’re great on their own—but we would never turn down fresh guacamole to dip them in, either.


Upgraded popcorn

Save the buttered popcorn for the movie theater. When you’re headed to the beach, it’s time to break out the big flavor combos—like lemon & pepper, grated parm, and sesame & nori. This guide to seasoned, stovetop popcorn will have your beach bag poppin’ in no time.

Beef jerky

If you know you’re someone who likes to eat something a little more protein-heavy at the beach, pack a few sticks of homemade beef jerky. Making your own helps you avoid all of the preservatives and artificial flavors that are typically found in store-bought jerky—plus it allows you to customize your flavors just the way you like them. It’s a win-win.

Date bites

Another super filling, amazingly portable snack: the energy ball. Made with ground oats, chia seeds, flax, and nut butter, each bite is packed with incredible flavor and texture and will keep you energized as you play all of those beach games you towed along instead of a cooler.

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