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Your Quick-Hits Guide to Beautiful Autumn Flowers

Yes, summer offers up a lot of wonderful things (beach, sun, rose, berries, to name a few), but we’re pretty into fall right now. We love the nip in the air, the opportunity to wear flannel, and buy everything in pumpkin spice flavor. At home, though, we’re all about the bevy of gorgeous flowers in the mix right now, so here’s what you need for some dream-worthy fall flower decor.

Calla Lily

These stunning buds are one of the most elegant out there, with long stems and a graceful, curved flower that comes in a variety of colors, but are most commonly seen in white. Generally planted in the spring, callas are a much-loved fall bloom that are also relatively low-maintenance and thrive in cooler areas. Store calla lilies in a roomy pot, preferably with a potting mix that has a lot of peat or organic matter for holding moisture. Callas are easy to transplant back into the ground in the springtime, or keep them indoors, just make sure they receive a lot of indirect sunlight. Check the soil for moisture levels—if it is dry most of the way through, water, if not, leave it alone! If your calla’s leaves are turning brown, reduce watering, and in late fall when the leaves begin to turn yellow, it means the plant is becoming dormant and should be watered less for the next few months.

Orange Gerbera Daisy

This pumpkin-colored bloom practically screams fall. Their oval shaped petals spring forward from the yellow center, and the flowers bring a warmth and playfulness to your home. Gerberas are fairly low maintenance, and should just be watered when the soil is dry to the touch. Once cut, they’ll remain alive for two weeks or longer if the water is frequently changed.


Though summer is the most plentiful season for sunflowers, they’re totally still around in the fall. With their vibrant yellow leaves and sunny personality, they add volume and brightness to any floral arrangement, but work particularly well with the orange and red hues. Cut the last inch off the stalks before putting them in water, and make sure to use a large vase that can accommodate the sunflower’s long stem! They can last up to 12 days before the leaves begin falling off.


Anemones begin their season in mid fall–generally around October, and last through early spring. With their black center and delicate round leaves, they come in myriad colors, but can be most often found in white. Since anemones can easily grow dehydrated, make sure to quickly cut the stems and run under cold water to re-hydrate before putting them in a vase. Store anemones in a cold room, but if the buds don’t open up, move to a slightly warmer area.


Also called “mums,” these fluffy varietals can be found in pretty much any color under the sun. They have a round shape, layers of petals, and are easy to take care of. Chrysanthemums will last for up to a mont indoors, and should be watered pretty regularly (more than you’d think)—just make sure to lift up the leaves and water directly into the soil. They’re much loved in China and Japan, but have become a staple in the U.S. as well.

Red Amaranthus

The long dark blooms of the amaranthus adds autumnal color and lots of texture to a fall arrangement. Remove the stems at a 45 degree angle and place in lukewarm water to store. Amaranthus will usually last 7–10 days once cut.


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