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It’s Popular Recipe Time: Check Out What’s Back on the Menu

We’re excited to announce August’s Popular Recipes, which, if you missed it, have even more choices! If you’re new to the Popular game, these recipes are six top-rated dishes that have high customer ratings and reviews. They will be featured on the menu for the next four weeks, in addition to the weekly rotating recipes.

Below is a sampling of customer reviews for this month’s Popular dishes. If you haven’t already, we highly suggest adding them to your box before they’re gone again!

If you’d like for one of your favorite recipes to make a comeback, let us know by reviewing the recipe online or in the Plated app.

Seared Steak Quesadillas with Poblano Salsa and Chimichurri

“I loved learning how to make the salsa and chimichurri. Now I can do it on my own! This recipe was simple and delicious.” —Robyn, Mid-West

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with this recipe as it didn’t seem too exciting… and then I was blown away. I call them my elevated quesadillas. So good—definitely making this one again!” —Chris, Mid-West

“Wow, that steak was so incredibly tender. And how do you do it every time?! We don’t even like tomatoes, but you won’t find a single one uneaten!” —Jaclyn, West Coast

Chicken Caesar Gyros with Shaved Parmesan

“I was scared about the dressing when I read it had anchovy paste in it, but it turned out AMAZING. This is a light, quick, and easy dish to make on a busy night.” —Melissa, Mid-West

“This was a fast and super easy dinner to make on a school night. Fun to eat and so tasty!! Big hit with the kiddos!” —Jennifer, Northeast

“More, more, more!!!!! I could eat this everyday. Tasty, filling, and light.” –Debra, Mid–West

Peanut Chicken Curry over Sticky Rice

“Freaking amazing. I licked the bowl. I would have never even attempted to make anything like this if it weren’t for Plated!” —Rachel, Northeast

“10+ stars. In fact, this was so good that my nephew, who works at a 5 star restaurant, said it was even better than their version. We added mint, jalapeños, and garlic, but it didn’t need it. Just made it even prettier to eat.” —Joanne, West Coast

“First Plated meal. Completely surprised! It was so awesome. I never would have had those ingredients on hand.” —Eileen, Northeast

Zucchini Tomato Pizza with Ricotta and Spicy Honey

“I cooked this with my mom and grandma on my birthday we really enjoyed making it together. We thought it was magnificent! Thank you for helping make a memory!” —Jacqueline, Mid-West

“A winner! My husband (who is pretty picky when it comes to his pizza) had me make him a traditional tomato sauce version…but when he tried this, he actually liked it better. Woohoo!” —Gisele, West Coast

“Really great! My whole family, including small children (ages 2, 4, 6), loved this! I did burn the honey/pepper part (whoops!), but even without it, we still really enjoyed this pizza!” —Laura, Northeast

Blackened Cod with Garlic Aioli and Corn Salsa

“Delish! My whole family ate this right up. I am really loving the different recipes for corn. Much better than the same ‘ole corn on the cob I am used to cooking. Thanks!” —Julie, Florida

“Another one where you nailed the flavor combination—the corn salsa was so fresh and the mix of the aioli and the blackened fish was quite amazing. I’m coming to appreciate your dishes that really do something special with flavors and catch my attention in the same way as restaurant meals do.” —Molly, Northeast

“Okay, I need a sixth star for this meal. Unexpectedly phenomenal. Seriously the best dinner I have had yet!” —Amanda, Northeast

Italian Burgers with Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato-Corn Salad

“Everything about it was great. The ground meat was moist and flavorful. Excellent choice of bread for the bun. Loved the salad, too. Was surprisingly delicious.” —James, Northeast

“Incredible flavor in both the burger and salad. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. It was amazing what the mozz did on top of the burger! One of our most favorite by far. A huge hit!!!” —Rachael, Mid-West

“WOW! Never though I could make a burger this good!!! Feeling like a Burger Queen 😃. ” —Emily, West Coast


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