9 Times Leslie Knope Reminded Us That Waffles Are The Most Important Thing

Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope is a deep, multi-layered character, who asks the kind of hard-hitting questions that really make us think. … Most are about breakfast.

Besides Breakfast.gif
(Image: Diana Eats Paleo)

And it’s not just breakfast food that she holds a special place for, but one very special breakfast food in particular: waffles. And who can blame her?

Warm, golden brown, and versatile enough to be both breakfast and a dessert, waffles are pretty easy to love. But Leslie takes that love to new heights. Someone on tumblr even found enough clues on Parks and Rec to calculate that she orders somewhere from four to seven waffles per week from her local diner JJ’s. We investigated some episodes of the show ourselves, and found a lot more instances of Leslie Knope reminding us all that waffles are the most important thing, in honor of the Parks And Rec finale tonight.

1. When She Measured Time in Terms of Waffles
Time Waffles.gif
(Image: tumblr)

NASA’s still getting back to us on exactly how many waffles two hours worth contains.

2. When She Had Waffles for Dessert… in the Middle of the Day
Leslie Waffles Dessert.gif
(Image: Giphy)

That’s a strong lunchtime move, Leslie Knope. Very strong.

3. When She Got Waffles Delivered to Her at the Hospital
Waffle Hospital.gif
(Image: Giphy)

Because to Leslie Knope, that’s medicine.

4. When She Wore a Waffle Necklace

(Image: City Pages)

Do they sell these on Etsy? Because they should.

5. When Waffles Were (Successfully) Used to Distract Her
Swanson GIF 1.gifKnope GIF 1.gifKnope GIF 2.gifSwanson GIF 2.gif
(Images: PandaWhale)

Leslie Knope follows waffles like a moth to a flame.

6. When She Let Ann Perkins Hand-Feed Her Waffles
Ann Waffles 1.gif

Ann Waffles 2.gif
(Image: Giphy)

She seemed a bit suspicious, but she still went for it. And she was glad she did.

7. When She Vowed to Protect Her Waffles At All Costs
Leslie Damned Waffles.gif
(Image: Giphy)

When residents of Pawnee started going a little too health-crazy, doing things like putting kale in their milkshakes, Leslie swore that her precious waffles would be unharmed.

8. When She Had Her Own (Imaginary) Brand of Waffles

(Image: Vulture)

All this nook-and-cranny love inspired real-life graphic artist Jon Defreest to show the world what it might look like if the character of Leslie Knope had her own line of instant waffles. At 150% of your daily sugar intake, perhaps it was okay that these never hit grocery stores.

9. When She Literally Told Us That Waffles Are Important

(Image: Easy Vegan)

That puts waffles in the top two for life’s most important things. We wouldn’t even bother asking Leslie the next hard-hitting question: “What’s number one—friends or waffles?” Why not? Because we already know waffles are Leslie Knope’s best friend.


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