8 Warm Drinks To Make Before Spring Finally Arrives

It may officially be spring, but thermostats across the country are saying otherwise these days. With the temperature hovering in the 20s and 30s, it’s easy to complain about never-ending winter, but let’s not neglect the beauty that cold weather still has to offer—like deliciously warm drinks.

Before spring truly sets in and sweater weather is a thing of the past, let’s take the opportunity to spend a few more moments cozied up inside under a warm blanket. The best addition? A warm bevvy. We’ve rounded up delicious drinks to savor while there’s still a little chill in the air, from hot cocoa and mulled wine to Irish coffee with boozy whipped cream. Cheers to that.

1. Easy Chai Tea

You’ve probably ordered chai at a coffee shop, but have you thought to make it yourself? This recipe has a milky texture and fragrant spicy-sweet flavor from cardamom, cloves, and black pepper.

2. Mulled Wine

One party trick that never fails to impress guests: a pot of mulled wine—and amazing aromas of red wine, orange, and cloves—simmering on the stove when they arrive.

3. Honey-Bourbon Toddy

People might swear by the hot toddy as a cure for the cold or a sore throat, but don’t wait until you’re not feeling well to mix up this soothing concoction of bourbon and water spiked with lemon zest and cinnamon.

4. Mulled Cider

If you want a booze-free alternative to mulled wine, simmer a pot of this spiced apple cider, which gets its zing from fresh orange juice and ginger.

5. Irish Coffee

This isn’t your average Irish coffee: A generous dollop of freshly whipped cream spiked with Bailey’s (seriously) tops the hot coffee-whiskey blend.

6. Hot Buttered Rum

Made popular during colonial times, hot buttered rum is as indulgent—but not as fancy—as it sounds: To make it, you simply whip together butter, brown sugar, honey, and spices and pour over rum and hot water.

7. Mexican Hot Chocolate

For this Mexican-style hot cocoa, you need to get your hands on sweet chocolate, which has about half the amount of cocoa as the semisweet kind. Craving a little heat? Add a pinch of chile powder.

8. Kahlua Vietnamese Coffee

Inspiration for the next brunch you host: a rich Vietnamese take on an espresso martini, made with condensed milk, coffee, and Kahlua. Equally delicious served warm or over ice (pictured).


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