8 Simple DIY Easter Table Settings

A thoughtful place setting instantly pulls together the look of a table and can add festive flair with minimal work on your end. But whether you’re hosting a cozy Easter brunch for six or a big dinner for 20, thinking about the menu might be more top of mind than creating place cards. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a pro crafter or stay up all night to impress guests. We’ve rounded up nine creative (and pretty egg-cellent) ways for making great place settings and name cards no matter your skill level.

1. Use a Pretty Radish

(Image: Apartment Therapy)

A rustic farmhouse look anyone can pull off: To make this place setting, tie a piece of twine (white or natural works) around one or two radishes (greens intact!) and place on a white napkin.

2. Go Natural

(Image: Everyday Occasions)

Who knew a hard-boiled brown egg could look so sophisticated? For the prettiest shades, check out eggs at the farmers’ market. After hard-boiling the eggs and letting them cool, show off your penmanship by writing the guest’s name on one side of the egg with a black ballpoint pen. Place on top of a napkin.

3. Brighten Things Up With Tulips

More proof that a place setting can be as simple as tying string around a pretty object. Any seasonal flower, such as tulips or daffodils, will drive home that spring is in the air and on the table.

4. Add a Pop of Neon

(Image: Chatelaine)

Move out of pastel territory and into neon by wrapping a white hard-boiled egg with hot pink thread. Place the egg on an edged linen napkin with a place card of a complementary color.

5. Stalk Up

(Image: Better Homes & Gardens)

Another creative way to work spring veggies onto your table: Build place card holders with asparagus spears. Trim stalks so the spears stand two to three inches tall, then secure with a rubber band and place a name card on top.

6. Make a Napkin Ring

(Image: Design Dining Diapers)

Did we mention that we’re a fan of neutrals? These simple burlap napkin rings are an easy way to bring a bunny theme to the table without getting too cutesy.

7. Say Thanks With a Succulent
(Image: Wed Society)

Place a mini succulent (which only cost a couple bucks at a nursery) on a plate with a name card written in your best script for an earthy place setting that doubles as a hostess gift.

8. Play With Paper

(Image: Better Homes & Gardens)

Creating these colorful nests of paper works best if you have access to a paper shredder, but you can also make them with scissors. All you do is shred enough wrapping or scrapbook paper to form a little nest around a plain or dyed hardboiled egg, then add a monogrammed sticker for each guest’s name, or draw it freehand.


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