Beyond the Naan: 7 Flatbreads from Around the World

Leavened or unleavened, whole wheat or all-purpose, stuffed or plain. We’re talking about bread, flat bread in particular. Sounds basic, maybe, but think about it. We wrap them around sandwich fillings and spread them thick with dips, and sometimes grill them over an open flame. They’re also incredibly international—every country has their own play on the flatbread, and for good reason. They go with everything. How many of these have you tried?


Fluffy, slightly charred naan is one of the best accompaniments to Indian food. The dough is slightly leavened with yeast, then traditionally baked in a tandoor, an extremely hot clay oven. We love naan for sopping up delicious sauces, and often use it as a side or base for dinners like chicken shawarma and tikka masala.


If you’ve ever tried Ethiopian food, you’ll be familiar with injera (the soft flatbread used as a base for curries and stews). It’s made with teff, a ubiquitous local grain, which ferments slightly, making for a slightly sour flavor. Cooked on a griddle, injera will soak up all the delicious flavors piled on top.


Gözleme hails from Turkey, and consists of many layers of dough, which is then cooked and filled with all things meat, veggies, and cheese. It’s brushed with butter and cooked on a griddle until perfectly golden on top. It’s really, really good.


Generally made with wheat flour, rotis are an unleavened Indian bread cooked on an open flame for just 10–15 minutes. This hot, quick cooking makes them blister and puff up, filling with steam, and developing a slight char on the outside. Perfect for dipping in all the things.


This flaky French bread comes from the southern city of Nice. Dough is rolled thin, then topped with onions, tomato, black olives, and anchovies. This super savory, pizza-like dish gets its name from pissalat, an anchovy paste popular in the region. Maybe it’ll convince you to give the tiny fish a try! It’s generally served as a snack or appetizer alongside wine or cocktails, aka it’s perfect.


Both Middle Eastern and Greek, this flatbread can be made with whole wheat or white flour, and is generally split open for eating, so it can be served up sandwich-style. Pita is often served as part of the mezze—that delicious mix of appetizers, dips, and spreads served at the start of a meal. Whether stuffing it with hummus and falafel or spreading it thick with feta, we love a good pita. You can also cut it into wedges, bake it, and serve it as a crunchy homemade chip, too.


This thin Italian flatbread is usually made with white flour, and cooked until slightly charred on the outside. It can be served with savory fillings like cheese and cured meats, or with sweet ones like Nutella and jam. Best of both worlds, thanks to the piadina. We created our own version with (surprise) pizza crust, and we’re pretty proud.

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