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7 Things You Never Knew You Could Make in a Waffle Iron

We’re all familiar with the expression, “There’s more than meets the eye.” But have you ever considered this about a waffle iron? Perhaps you’re not interested in investing in yet another kitchen appliance, but you may reconsider after seeing how incredibly versatile a waffle iron can be. Get a glimpse at just what this machine is capable of, with these seven game-changing recipes that range from savory to sweet.

1. Belgian Brownies

(Image: Edible Perspective)

These treats aren’t made by simply throwing some cocoa into waffle batter. Instead, pour real brownie batter right into your waffle iron! It might seem a bit unusual the first time you do it, but after you taste the result of this recipe from Edible Perspective, you’ll start planning your next batch.

2. Falafel

(Image: Food and Whine)

This Food and Whine recipe for falafel waffles is more than just fun to say—it’s a healthy alternative to frying your falafel in oil. After just a few minutes in the waffle iron, this Middle Eastern classic will be lightly browned and ready to eat.

3. Biscuits

(Image: Food Network)

Give your biscuits a crispy, slightly crunchy exterior around their fluffy center by gently “waffling” biscuit dough for up to four minutes, with this Food Network recipe. (It also tells you how to make sausage gravy—in a skillet, not a waffle maker—to go with it.)

4. Perfectly Crisp Bacon

(Image: One Good Thing by Jilee)

The waffle iron may be the answer to all your bacon grease woes: When made in a waffle iron, bacon stays flattened and cooks evenly. Plus, all the grease drips away to the bottom for each cleanup!

5. Margherita Pizza
Waffled Margherita Pizza
(Image: Food Network)

When Harry Met Sally has nothing on when pizza met waffles. With a crispy crust and small crannies that the sauce can pool into, this waffled Margherita pizza brings together two distant worlds to create a beautiful coupling.

6. Bibimbap

(Image: Food Network)

Not only can you put the rice mixture of this Korean dish into a waffle iron, but you can also crack your eggs right on top. (Just keep the waffle iron open when cooking the eggs.)

7. Honey-Dipped Doughnut Waffles

(Image: Edible Perspective)

We’ll end this list as we began: with something sweet. After you pour some doughnut batter into your waffle iron, boil some honey for drizzling and dipping. (Boiling makes it much easier to dip into.)

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