6 must-have kitchen tools
from OXO

Our friends at OXO were nice enough to create this list with the essential kitchen tools for our Very Vegetarian partnership. You might be surprised by some of the innovative kitchen gadgets they’ve come up with, but these multi-functional tools are must-haves for novice & experienced chefs alike!

1. 12” Tongs with Silicone Heads

Tongs are essential for both novice & experienced cooks. This versatile item is great for turning meat, tossing salad, and – let’s face it – almost everything.

2. 2 Piece Fruit Scoop Set

Sure, sure… It’s called a fruit scoop, but this set is perfect for pulling the guts out of the full range of fall & winter squashes.

3. 9” Whisk

Question: How do you perfectly blend ingredients to perfection without a whisk? Answer: You don’t. Just trust us on this one.

4. Corn Peeler

Anyone else sick of trying to perfectly shave kernels from ears of corn? We thought so – This tool makes the once-tedious task a breeze.

5. Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer

Let’s face it – Thinly slicing anything is a huge pain – But with this adjustable mandoline, you can go from whole potato to au gratin goodness in no time!

6. Little Salad Dressing Shaker

Ahhh, homemade salad dressing. So easy to make, and yet, so difficult without this simple shaker. Buy it. Shake it. Love it. You’re welcome. (If you REALLY love it, check out the big version, too!)


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