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5 Reasons Food Lovers Love This Meal Kit

While many meal kits provide conveniently delivered ingredients and recipes, it’s Plated that satisfies food lovers’ diverse tastes and offers the most choice. When your dinners taste (and look) this good, you’ll be rushing to post them to social media—no filter required. See why millions of people are already loving meal kits:

Here's Why

Try exciting new dinner options:

Preparing food from scratch is always rewarding, especially when you’re trying new recipes and exploring new cuisines. Only Plated lets you mix and match from unique menus featuring 18 globally inspired, chef-designed recipes—plus dessert!—in any combination, every week.

Learn new skills in the kitchen:

Whether you’re a novice cook or an expert chef, there’s always room to add another skill to your arsenal. Plated’s recipes include step-by-step instructions to help you master new techniques, like crimping empanadas, sealing fish en papillote, or stretching pizza dough.

See the quality for yourself:

Food lovers know that great meals begin with high-quality ingredients, and so does Plated. Their team sources responsibly raised meats and seasonal produce—not to mention sustainably caught fish and artisanal ingredients whenever possible.

Save time during the busy work week:

Not only do meal kits save you a trip to the grocery store, but Plated’s recipes are specially designed to minimize cooking time—about 25–45 minutes each—and cleanup, too. Now, you can enjoy home-cooked meals, any day of the week, without sacrificing flavor or variety.

Find the plan that works for you:

Plated lets you choose the number of servings and nights you want to cook, and then change them from week to week based on your schedule. Now you can have the ideal dinner experience, whether you’re cooking for yourself (hello, leftovers), date night, or the entire family.

Love experimenting in the kitchen? Try Plated!

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