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5 Pantry Essentials You Should Be Making at Home

We can all try to be savvy shoppers, but the rows of flashy brands at the grocery store have all kinds of added sweeteners and chemicals, not to mention often being over priced. Luckily, many of the products that frequent your shopping list are much easier to make at home than you might think. Homemade pantry items are not only cheaper, but also healthier and even more fun!

Peanut Butter

Making peanut butter is incredibly simple and healthy. It’s a great way to avoid the hydrogenated oils and added sugar that are in many commercial brands. Though it might not have the buttery creaminess of the store brands, it has vibrant flavors of its own that can only be achieved by making it fresh.

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Chicken Stock

Your soup deserves the absolute best base, and that’s why homemade chicken stock is your best bet. It drastically reduces waste as you utilize chicken bones and vegetable scraps and it boasts healthy minerals and calcium. You can avoid the coloring and mystery additives of store-bought brands and have all the control over flavoring.

Vanilla Extract

This staple of the pantry is used to add flavor to all kinds of foods. It’s great for everything from making your baked goods extra appealing to deodorizing your home. Making your own vanilla extract turns out to be super simple, though the entire process takes much longer.

Almond Milk

For a tasty and delicious alternative to dairy milk, almond milk is not only full of health benefits, but it’s also extremely easy to make on your own. Almonds are a great source of calcium, zinc, protein and iron. Making almond milk at home ensures that you get all the healthy stuff and skip the artificial flavoring and high price of store brands.

Infused Oil

Spice up your pantry by giving your plain old olive oil a boost! No need to go out and buy expensive flavored oils when you can do it yourself – and it’s so easy. It’ll do great things for all of your dishes and it makes a great topping for salads and bread.


– Emma Stratigos




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