5 Non-Breakfast Dishes Topped With An Egg

Eggs: delicious, filled with nutrients, and surprisingly versatile. Although you likely have most of your eggs at breakfast, you can easily add a ton of welcome flavor to your lunch or dinner with a soft egg, poached or fried over-easy. And it looks beautiful, in an unexpected way—like when a shy character in a movie takes off his glasses. It’s the perfect final flourish to your meal, and here are six places just begging to be topped with one:

1. Beef Bibimbap

Plated’s Beef Bibimbap recipe, seen above, combines flank steak, English cucumber, cremini mushrooms, bean sprouts, and sushi rice for an unforgettable medley of flavors. Delicately transfer an egg, sunny side up, for the pièce de résistance—that’s French for “we literally can’t even.”

2. Barbecue Biscuits

(Image: Framed Cooks)

If you’re looking for a more acceptable way to eat barbecue for breakfast—well, first of all, we salute you. Secondly, let an egg be your delicious gateway, in this tender, spicy Barbecue Biscuits with Soft Fried Egg recipe.

3. Naan Pizza

When we made this Naan Breakfast Pizza in the Plated test kitchen, it seemed like the entire office descended upon the finished creation in a matter of seconds, with everyone vying to get a bite. You could cause a similar commotion in your kitchen if you made this egg-topped beauty. Or, you know, just make one for yourself.

4. Polenta

(Image: Aida Mollenkamp)

This Creamy Polenta with Sautéed Mushrooms dish is one of our favorite upscale comfort foods. When the savory egg yolk starts to mix with the spinach, onions, cheese, and other ingredients, it unites them all in delicious harmony.

5. Avocado Toast

No fried egg here—this Avocado Toast recipe requires you to poach. If you’re a little unfamiliar with that method, no worries. Just check out our tips on how to make perfectly poached eggs. Knowing how to poach is the gift that keeps on giving, because these eggs are too delicious to not make on the regular.

What’s your favorite dish to top with an egg? Show us with your #platedpics on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


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