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5 Food Mashups You’re Going to Love

The Plated Test Kitchen is always searching for new, exciting ways to improve on an otherwise tried-and-true dish. Whether it’s Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Monkeybread inspired by brunch in NYC, a super-original Thanksgiving Cheeseburger smothered in cranberry aioli, or a Sweet Potato Noodle Primavera, the Test Kitchen is all for crazy-fun food mashups.

Because it’s hard to beat your favorite meal combined with one of your other favorite meals, we put together a list of our top mashups, so you can enjoy two distinct meals in one, tantalizing bite.

French Onion Soup Burger

This dish is a cross between classic, cheesy French onion soup and a fancy, beefy burger. With this dish, you can successfully pull off the unimaginable by simultaneously sipping soup and digging into a rich burger.

Everything Bagel Pizza

You’ll be able to enjoy lox and cream cheese-smothered everything bagels anytime you want because we’ve come up with a recipe for it as dinnertime pizza. No more worrying if you should eat a bagel for dinner—you’ve got our permission with this Everything Bagel Pizza recipe.

2018 food trends

Korean Beef Burrito

Here, your usual go-to Mexican burrito gets a Korean twist with the addition of soy sauce, crispy kimchi, and gochujang aioli. What started out as a California trend you can now enjoy in your own home with ease.

Chicken Caesar Gyro

Our Caesar salad (with creamy, lemony dressing) is not one to miss on its own. Put it together with our beloved Plated naan, and you’ve got a Middle Eastern-American mashup for the books.

avocado slice

Avocado Toast Grilled Cheese

You may know by now that our Head Chef Elana has a bit of a thing for grilled cheese. Although Avocado Toast mania might have peaked in 2016, it still holds a dear place place in our hearts. This grilled cheese-avo toast mashup is the best of both worlds.


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