5 Culinary Resolutions That Prove More is More

New Year’s resolutions can often be all about cutting back: stop biting your nails, have fewer drinks during the week, sit for shorter periods of time, watch less TV (truly difficult when cold and snowing outside). But this year, we’re all about no fear: tackling new tasks, taking on more responsibility for ourselves and our health, and not being afraid to put a little more effort into our meals. Plated’s Culinary team is here to help by sharing what they’re most excited to work on this year, and how they plan on digging in.

Eat More Veggies

“Vegetables are an extremely important part of a healthy and balanced diet, and it can be harder than you think to eat enough throughout the day and week. When prepared right, vegetables can really be the star of any dish, so I want to up my veggie-cooking game. Experimenting with simple vegetable recipes is something I plan to work on throughout January (and the rest of the year) to get more greens on my plate at every meal.” —Chef Elana

Make More Foods at Home

“Soup is my absolute favorite food—especially in January! My cooking resolution is to make more of my own, including making my own stocks to add rich depth of flavor. Soups are a great way to eat more seasonal vegetables, and they can feed you throughout the week or be made ahead and frozen—ideal for reheating on a freezing cold night in!” —Chef Suzanne

“To echo what Suz said, I want to make more of my own stock. Stocks can really change the way a dish tastes and there is nothing better than homemade. The problem is finding the time to make a lot of it—it is a full day task. It helps when I remember to save scraps from everyday cooking in the freezer. You can freeze the ends of onion, carrots, or celery stalks and then throw them right into the stock pot. Saves a trip to the grocery store!” —Chef Andrea

“I want to make hummus from fresh chickpeas instead of canned. Hummus is always a staple in my family’s appetizer rotation, and I want to take it to the next level. I’m all about simplicity, so rather than adding new or different flavors, I’d rather take the original recipe and do it the way it was intended. Canned chickpeas are easy to get (and cheap), but fresh chickpeas really make for a smoother, creamier hummus. It’s much more labor intensive—soak chickpeas, then boil for about an hour, then blend and let rest—but I’m willing to try it out!” —Chef Michelle

Drink More Water

“We spend lots of time in the test kitchen cooking and taste-testing every recipe we send, but I often forget to stop and do something really simple: Drink a glass of water! I also want to get in the habit of drinking water before I start eating a meal, then during a meal, so I can take time between bites, slow down, enjoy myself.” — Chef Laura

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