4 Classy Comfort Foods You Need in Your Life

A food trend that’s still on the rise: the “comfort” dish with a highbrow twist. These items are the best of both worlds, because sometimes the foods you know and love can be gateways to amazing new tastes.

1. Kimchi Fries


KIM-chi: 1. Korean dish of fermented cabbage.  2. Freaking delicious with Korean-style BBQ beef and Cheddar cheese over french fries.

2. Foie Gras Burger


You may *think* you don’t want to eat a fattened duck’s liver, but you’d be wrong. It’s called foie gras [pronounced “fwah grah”] and it is spectacular. Top a burger with it and you’ll get the idea.

This recipe calls for sautéing the foie gras with sweet apples and tart balsamic vinegar.

3. Truffled Mac and Cheese with Prosciutto, Leeks, and Mushrooms


Take the meal you used to microwave nightly in college and add some big-boy ingredients, to go from “lonely night on campus” to “impressive date night at your place.”

Recipe? Recipe.

4. California Roll Nachos


“You know what these nachos need? Sushi.” — You, having the culinary epiphany of a lifetime. Although if you don’t magically know how to make that, just go here.

What other interesting takes on casual food have you seen? Comment below!


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