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Go Ahead Kids, Play With Your Food

Whether it’s assembling a simple breakfast or following a recipe for a delicious dinner, we love including kids in the cooking process.

If you’ve been trying to get a little more creative in the kitchen (aren’t we all), it’s time to think outside of your normal routines. Who said you can’t have Mickey Mouse pancakes for dinner? A spaghetti and meatball picnic on the patio? Cookie cutter chicken cutlets or grilled cheese happy faces? All great options.

Our whole lives, we were told not to play with our food, but we’re all adults here, so let’s indulge in some adventure. By taking a playful approach to preparing what you eat, you’ll likely succeed in getting the whole family involved.

First, enlist your helpers. Ask for their thoughts, share yours, and come up with a plan. Then, start making your creations together! Feel free to use the ideas below as a fun place to start.

Tools you’ll need:
Assorted shape cutters
Wooden skewers, 8–10″ long

Fruit Salad Bouquet

Cut assorted melons into ¼ inch thick slices, and then use your cookie cutters to make whatever shape your heart desires. Stack grapes or blueberries on skewers—these will act as your flower stems. Add your melon flowers at the top of your fruit stem. Arrange the sticks like you would flowers in a vase. Then…enjoy.

Sunny Snack Plate

Decorate a delicious snack plate to mirror a cute outdoor scene. It’ll be as fun to create as it is for kids (or yourself, no judgement) to eat. Get creative!

For the house: Cut a slice of bread into 4 pieces and arrange into the outline of a house.

For the lawn: Spread hummus on the bottom of your plate, and press a fork down gently to make vertical, soft lines.

For the fence: Cut thin strips of carrots or celery and cross-hatch them like your typical fence.

For the tree: Use pretzel rods for your tree trunk and broccoli florets for leafy branches.

For the sun: Slice orange or lemon and cut thin strips for citrusy sun rays.

For the flowers: Put together a small combination of berries and dot them along the grass.

Mr. Potato Head

The iconic Mr. Potato Head is practically begging to be prepared in real life (for eating, that is). He is a potato already, of course. Use a large Idaho spud for his body, and secure the body parts using toothpicks. Put him together using the recommendations below. Too cute.

Hat: apple slice
Ears: button mushrooms
Eyes: cucumber cut into half moon with olives for pupils
Nose: cherry tomato
Mouth: clementine slice
Mustache: slice of bell pepper
Arms: carrots or celery
Feet: button mushrooms


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