3 Perfect New Year’s Eve Desserts and How to Make Them

When it comes to noshing on New Year’s, we have nothing against pigs in a blanket and other traditional appetizers. But you know what goes great with Champagne? Something sweet.

If you’re watching the ball drop at a friend’s place or hosting a party of your own, prepare any of these original recipes to usher in 2015 right.

Chocolate Fondue

Make this easy crowd-pleaser in 10 minutes, less than the amount of time you’ll want to savor each bite.

Doughnut Croissant

Dominique Ansel, eat your heart out. We’ll be eating these homemade doughnut croissants while not waiting in line for four hours.

Boozy Bananas Foster

Before you pop open the Champagne, bring some bourbon into the mix with this show-stopper/party-starter.


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