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15 Delicious Instagram Accounts to Follow

Here at Plated we often find ourselves scrolling, double-tapping and re-gramming the day away. With so many inspiring and drool-inducing Instagrams out there, it’s hard for us to pull our little fingers away. We’ve asked around the office for the most nomnom-licious Instagram accounts – here are the results:


1. @alifewortheating

2. @alxgrossmn

3. @joythebaker

4. @danielkrieger

5. @andrewscrivani

6. @nicole_franzen

7. @alice_gao

8. @cannellevanille

9. @rick_poon

10. @vkrees


11. @yossyarefi

12. @plated

13. @sarkababicka

14. @passportsandpancakes

15. @rapo4

– Rachel Karten








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