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11 Time-Saving, No-Hassle Thanksgiving Hacks

The holiday season is overwhelming, and the day that kicks it all off—Thanksgiving—might be the most demanding of all. If you’re hosting a feast this year, try incorporating some of these 11 time-saving hacks into your prep routine. Then, just focus on the whole “eating until you want to nap” thing.

1. Brace yourself. Have some wine.

2. Prep all your vegetables a day ahead and keep them in the fridge.

3. Put ice bags on the turkey’s breast before roasting. This cools down the white meat and prevents it from cooking faster than dark, thus keeping the bird from drying out.

4.  Put the turkey in before you go to bed, turn the heat down, and slow-roast it. You’ll wake up to a falling-off-the-bone tender bird in the morning.

5. Freeze rolled-out pie crusts so they hold their shape in the oven.

6. Schedule a little break for yourself. (You’ve already done five Thanksgiving hacks.)

7. Cut out your biscuits with a wine glass.

8. Wednesday night, take everything out of the freezer to thaw out.

9. Have a light lunch. Dinner will take up most of your belly.

10. Boil your potatoes with the skin on for 15 minutes. The skin will peel right off when you rub them.

11. Make super-fluffy mashed potatoes by adding some baking powder.



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