10 New Ways to Eat S’mores

We all love to sit around the campfire and toast marshmallows on cool summer nights, but it’s hard to have impromptu bonfires on your fire escape. Sure there are alternatives for s’moring, but let’s be honest: Microwaves are no substitute for the real thing. Whether you are on the 15th floor or 15 acres, we know you’ll love these 10 recipes for melty, marshmallow-and-chocolate-inspired goodness – No firewood required!

The perfect mix of salty and sweet: S’more Pretzel Bites.

Inside out! These S’mores Fudge Pops have a marshmallow and graham cracker coating over a chocolatey center.

Double Chocolate S’mores Whoopie Pies. Do I see chocolate frosting in between those layers?

If you are up for a baking challenge, try this recipe for S’mores Macarons.

Everything is cuter as a cupcake right? S’mores Cupcakes

Inside out s’mores? There’s a marshmallow baked into these S’mores Stuffed Cookies.

Put it on a stick! S’mores Pie Pops

This S’mores Cookie Stick is perfect for dipping in hot chocolate!

Try this homemade S’mores Ice Cream for a cool and creamy twist.

This S’mores Panini cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options.


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